Product designers at real fake exhibition

As part of the 2016 Good Design Showcase, the Authentic Design Alliance Real Fake Competition featured five Australian furniture and lighting works for the audience to spot the fake. Can you spot the fake?

We partnered with Good Design Australia this year to raise awareness of how intellectual property (IP) relates to your creative businesses and why it’s important to consider protecting your designs. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will have seen that we took part in the forum discussion ‘They stole my design’ where Linden Dunne, a senior design examiner, explained how designers can protect themselves from replica products through the use of a registered design.

A big problem the design industry faces is replicas of their works being created and legally sold simply by the retailer placing the word ‘replica’ in front of the name of the product. So, how can you protect yourself from this happening?

Many designers assume that copyright protection is enough to stop others stealing their design, however you generally can only rely on copyright for 2D designs or a design you haven’t yet started to exploit commercially. In most cases, if you want to protect yourself against people making replicas of functional or mass-produced items, you will need to look at your options under design law, not copyright law.

Products typically registered as a design include clothing, jewellery, furniture and household goods and are protected for up to 10 years.

Real Fake Competition – can you spot a real from a fake?

To explore how we can change buyer behaviour to support original designs, the Authentic Design Alliance (ADA) exhibited the following five designs and asked the audience to spot the fakes. You can follow the Instagram hashtag #ADArealfakeWIN to see what other people chose.

  1. Bassamfellows - tractor stool
  2. Design by them - Tom Tom letterbox
  3. Ross Gardam Oak light
  4. David Trubridge Coral light
  5. Coco Flip – Coco light

Let us know in the comment’s below which one/s you think are real or fake!

By Tessa, IP Australia

24 May 2016