To build your business for success, setting yourself apart from others is vital. Your brand is the way you show your customers who you are – your identity. However, what many people don’t know is to have full control over your brand you need to protect it with a trade mark.

Do you stand out from the crowd?

Your brand is a valuable asset for your business because it distinguishes you and your goods or services from those of your competitors. It could be your business or trading name, logo or both!

Choosing a unique brand can help you stand out from the crowd and in the trade mark world a unique brand would be something that is not too descriptive or too similar to another brand. For example, an apple farmer couldn’t just call his apples ‘Apples’, but when applied to a computer company, it becomes unique.

The value of a trade mark if you’re starting a business

‘Think of a trade mark as a business asset that can be franchised, licensed or sold.’ – Institchu

The more successful your business becomes, the more valuable your trade mark is. We sat down with two Australian businesses to discuss the value of their brand and the importance of protecting it with a trade mark.

Institchu suits up with brand protection

Read the full case study or transcript for this video.

Brand protection moves MOVUS into a class of its own

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Learn, search and apply for a trade mark

To help educate and guide you through the trade mark application process, we’ve developed Trade Mark Assist so you can understand how to protect your brand and gain the legal rights to it.

Trade Mark Assist will help you ‘Learn, search, apply’ by exploring your proposed trade mark, identify the classes of goods or services you wish to protect, search existing trade marks and begin your application.

‘When I filed my trade mark, the hardest aspect was determining the classes.’ Trade Mark Assist can help you through this process.” - MOVUS

Classes got you confused?

When you apply to register a trade mark, you have to tell us how you (or intend to) use your trade mark. Using what we call the classes of goods or services, you need to nominate those relevant to your business.

If you register your trade mark in a class that does not match your business, you may end up without the protection you actually need. You may also pay more than you need because the cost of your trade mark will depend on how many classes you select in your application.

To make the process of choosing goods or services easier, we’ve developed our Choose Wise video series. This series highlights common issues and mistakes applicants’ may experience.

Spend your money where it matters

A common deterrent for businesses when seeking protection is the cost. But let’s break it down. If you use the TM Headstart service and apply for the words of your business name in one class, this will be $330 and protects you for ten years. That equates to $33 per year.

By identifying any potential issues before you file for a trade mark you could save money in the long run. Our TM Headstart service provides you with an assessment and helps you file publically.

This way your application is less likely to be rejected and you can avoid paying more money to re-file.

Still need more help understanding trade marks? Visit the trade mark section of our website or attend one of our Understanding trade marks webinars.


9 May 2018