When you apply to register a trade mark, you must provide a description of the goods and/or services you use or intend to use your trade mark for.

Currently, there are 45 trade mark classes to choose from. Classes 1-34 are for goods and 35-45 are for services.

Trade mark registration will give you exclusive rights to use your trade mark in connection with the goods or services you choose. If you register your trade mark in a class that does not match your business you may end up without the protection you actually need.

You may also end up paying more than you need to because the cost of your trade mark will depend on how many classes you select in your application.

Choose Wise videos series

To make the process of choosing goods or services in your trade mark application easier, we've redeveloped our Choose Wise video series. This series highlights common issues that applicants experience when applying for a trade mark:

01. Introduction to goods and services

02. If I have goods and or services in a class does that cover me for the whole class?

03. Retail services

04. Advertising your business vs advertising for others

05. Installation maintenance and repair services vs goods being installed maintained and repaired

06. What are you known for and what is the end product?

07. Internal business functions

08. I have a website

09. My trade mark is on it 

10. Introduction to the picklist

11. Final tips

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24 April 2017