David Bennett, IP Counsellor to China

Hello, I'm David, on 19 December 2016 I will be heading to the Australian Embassy in Beijing to begin my work as Australia’s first intellectual property (IP) counsellor to China.

I will in fact be Australia’s first IP counsellor to any nation. My role will encompass me providing Australian businesses with guidance on IP issues with regards to patents, trade marks, designs and copyright. Engaging with the Chinese Government on IP policy will also be an important aspect of my role. Every IP system around the world is complex, and China is no different. My first piece of advice to companies currently in China or planning to be soon is to do your research. IP rights are territorial. This means IP registered in Australia will only provide protection in Australia.

If you want to protect your IP in China, you will need to apply in China and as early as possible. It’s important to remember whether you’re a start-up, small business or larger firm, safeguarding your intellectual property in China should be a main priority. To assist Australian businesses with IP when entering the Chinese market we have created a suite of resources, starting with trade marks.

To stay up to date with relevant information about my posting, please visit IP Australia’s website.

See you in Beijing!


9 December 2016