Going global online program

Our friends at the Export Council of Australia (ECA) have developed an online course for businesses looking to start out in the world of international business.

The full Going Global program aims to build capabilities and capacities for businesses to grow internationally. 

Each module will help businesses gain new skills and knowledge about what’s involved in international business. 

As you progress through each of the online modules, you will ultimately be guided towards developing an international business plan. 

The online Going Global course will cover the following topics: 

  • Module 1: Introduction to Growing a Global Business  
  • Module 2: How to Select the Right Market 
  • Module 3: Legal Contracts and IP Protection - Managing Risk 
  • Module 4: Managing Your Freight and Logistics 
  • Module 5: Financing for Export Success  
  • Module 6: Going to Market - How to Plan the Right Market Entry Strategy  
  • Module 7: International Pricing Strategy  
  • Module 8: Export Marketing and Preparing to Visit the Market  
  • Module 9: Free Trade Agreements  
  • Module 10: Building Staff Capacity for International Growth  
  • Module 11: Pitching for International Success  

The ECA has partnered with Open Learning to develop this program. 

To enrol in the course, please follow this link: https://learnonline.export.org.au/

For further information, please contact the ECA at education@export.org.au or call (02) 8243 7400. 

9 May 2017