According to Animal Medicines Australia, we’re spending an estimated $12.2 billion per year on our pets. With this figure in mind, it’s easy to understand why enterprising individuals might want to get in on the action by creating products that will improve our pet’s quality of life.

From wearable devices to ‘smart’ doggy doors, here’s our pick of tech innovations aimed at keeping your four-legged companions safe, happy and healthy.


Busy humans who are concerned about what their fur babies get up to while home alone may be interested in Petcube’s patented ‘remote interaction device’. The device allows users to watch, talk and play with their pets from their smartphone. The Petcube invention includes a video recorder, microphone, antenna and a laser. You can even get Petcube bites which will dispense treats to your pet at the click of a button!

Pod GPS Tracker

If you’d like an extra layer of comfort, the Australian invention, Pod3 GPS Tracker, uses a combination of GPS, WiFi and cellular technology to help owners locate their pet and set a safe zone, with automated alerts signalling when their furry pal ventures outside the boundary.  


Another pet wearable is the Fitbark, a device which monitors your dog’s activity level and rest patterns. FitBark Explore is the latest interface and a first-of-its-kind open source data hub for canine health, providing owners with both a daily and weekly summary, which measures their dog against others of a similar age, size and breed.  The Fitbark is patented in the United States.

Petsafe Passport Intelligent Dog Door

Lastly, a no-brainer device in terms of security and comfort: the Petsafe Passport Intelligent Dog Door, which features a patent-pending locking flap system. The ‘smart door’ provides protection from both the elements and unwanted animal guests. It has selective entry and exit intelligence and the option to only allow access at certain times.

These are just some of the cool pet related inventions we’ve come across; a search on AusPat shows countless listings for fancy leads, collars and feeding devices.

If you have an idea for a new invention, make sure to search AusPat first so see whether there is anything else similar in the market place already.

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20 October 2017