Charli Chair in use

As part of our partnership of the 2016 Good Designs Awards, we’re taking a look at how intellectual property relates to your creative businesses and why it’s important to consider protecting your designs. From students to start-ups all the way through to seasoned professionals, understanding the basics of IP is vital.

When Hani and Meray Yassa were developing their innovative baby shower chair, they were already considering how they would protect their innovative product. You may have seen Hani and Meray on the last season of Shark Tank, where they pitched the Charli Chair, a baby shower chair which safely positions a baby at a comfortable height in the shower.

‘We considered IP at the beginning so I could talk freely about our product to people without being worried that they may pinch our idea’ said Hani. This included before appearing on the show.

Hani and Meray now have a suite of IP including a registered trade mark, a registered design, a provisional patent and are in the process of registering IP rights internationally. Their success is in part due to protecting their idea before going out to promote and sell their product and this is something you should consider too. 

Are you a designer of a product?

Are you like the makers of the Charli Chair? Have you created a product which you could register as a design? A design is what makes a product look the way it does; including its shape, configuration and decoration which when applied to a product makes it unique.


Then ssshhh, because to protect your design it needs to be ‘new’ meaning you can’t have published it anywhere in the world or publicly used it before you’ve applied.  

To learn more, take a look at our applying for a design section on our website. This will give you an overview of the design application process and get you started on the journey of protecting your IP.

By Jodie, IP Australia

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If you’re a budding designer, and you would like to know more about protecting your creation, start by visiting the designs section of our website.

Good Design Festival 2016

This year, we’re partnering with Good Designs Australia for the 2016 Good Design Festival. Taking place at the iconic Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay Sydney, in the heart of VIVID Sydney – now the world’s biggest festival of light, music and ideas.

We’ll be presenting a keynote address at the Good Designs Exchange, as well as being on the panel for the forum discussion: ‘Who stole my Design – IP and Design Rights Forum’.

Be sure to keep Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May 2016 in your diary free to attend this exciting event.

9 May 2016