IP is for everyone

Every day you come into contact with products that have protected intellectual property (IP). Whether it’s the brand of your bread, the armchair you sit in, the car you drive, or the shoes you wear. IP is everywhere. If you’re unsure how IP affects you, we’ve put together some of the basics many professions will want to know.

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IP is for start-ups and small business owners

Are you starting a business? Or already own a business? Either way, it’s a good idea to look at the ways you can protect your businesses IP to give you a competitive advantage.

IP that can be associated with a business include:

Our IP 101: IP basics for business video can help you understand the main types of IP and help you understand what IP protection is available. You can also read our IP – your business edge magazine for what you need to know when you’re staring out to make sure you’re protecting your most important assets.

IP is for fashion designers

If you’re a fashion designer you may have been a target of design copying. IP protection in the fashion industry is complex, but it’s important if you want to control the use of your designs.

Manufactured garments can be protected for up to 10 years with a registered design.

Your fashion label can be protected with a trade mark, which is renewable every 10 years. As a valuable marketing tool, a trade mark of your brand name can offer many benefits.

We spoke to Australian fashion label, Finders Keepers, about how they protect the designs behind the label.

IP is for graphic designers

Did you know as a graphic designer, you’re in the business of creating IP?

‘The biggest component of a graphic designer’s job is to create intellectual property. It would be a waste for them not to find out how to protect it.’ – Australian Graphic Design Association, AGDA.

Graphic designers, including those in multimedia, photography, advertising, animation, illustration and copywriting should all understand how to protect the products and creative ideas produced as part of their work.

Depending on the type of IP you create, your designs may be eligible for protection under copyright, designs and/or trade marks.

IP is for school teachers

If you’re a teacher and looking for ways to unlock your student’s full innovation potential we have a range of activity-based learning modules to encourage the exploration of IP concepts in the classroom.

Each unit has been designed to help boost creativity and innovation among young Australians and encourages the exploration of IP concepts in the classroom.

IP is for every day Aussies

If you’re Interested in our Aussie history and innovations that we use every day, you can view our interactive timeline. It looks at the development of IP in Australian society overtime and takes you back to 1838.

IP is for economists

The economics of IP plays a key role in our economy and influence policy debate on IP and innovation in Australia. We provide valuable insights in our reports, through our research to academics, business and policy maker.

The Australian IP Report provides accessible statistics on the economics of IP in Australia.

Our economic research papers aim to advance the knowledge and evidence base upon which IP policy is built and our patent analytics hub provides analysis, visualisation and interpretation of patent data.

IP government open data is the first complete and open national IP register that links IP rights to business numbers in a simple data format and is available on data.gov.au.

IP is for horticulturists

Have you developed, or in the process of developing a new plant variety?

You can protect it with a plant breeder’s right (PBR). A PBR is legally enforceable and give you, the owner, exclusive rights to commercially use it, sell it, direct the production, sale and distribution of it, and receive royalties from the sale of plants.

We’ve put together the basics of what you need to know about the ins and outs of PBR.

IP is for journalists

If you’re a journalist, our news and community section available aims to share IP as a significant business issue and subject of interest for the broader community.

We have a number of resources and subscriptions to help you keep up to date with the developments in IP issues in Australia.

We also have a dedicated You Tube channel which showcases a number of videos related to IP.

IP is for product designers

If you’re a product designer, just like a graphic designer you are in the business of creating IP.

We have a number of case studies of brands who share how they’re protecting their products:

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16 September 2016