If you’ve been watching our social media channels you’d know we were co-hosting the Intellectual Property Statistics for Decision Makers (IPSDM) conference in Sydney last week. If you don’t know what the IPSDM was all about, please read on for the event’s wrap up.

Together with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) we hosted this annual international conference which hears the latest in IP research and analysis from around the world. As well as academic presentations, there were a number of sessions discussing significant global issues like policy reform and IP in free trade agreements.

One of the highlights was WIPO Director General, Francis Gurry’s keynote address covering a range of future priorities including growing the number of women inventors internationally. Papers were also presented on issues such as new ways to look at the value of international patents, possible evidence of national bias by IP offices in the granting of IP rights and whether litigated patents are more valuable than non-litigated patents.

We’re proud to say it truly was a world-class conference with presenters and delegates from many of the world’s IP offices. These included three heads of IP offices (Canada, Singapore and ARIPO), the Director General, Chief Economist and other senior staff from WIPO, a range of senior OECD officials, chief economists from a number of IP offices including the US and the UK and some of the world’s most prominent IP academics.

There was also strong attendance from the local IP community, including academics, business and attorney representatives and of course key IP Australia staff. Such a diverse audience made it a great opportunity to showcase our collaboration and data related products (IPGOD, IP NOVA and SourceIP) and how they work to support the Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the presenters and delegates who helped make the 2016 IPSDM a success. We now look forward to next year’s conference in Mexico.

25 November 2016