This month we recognise three significant anniversaries in Australia’s reconciliation journey:

  • National Sorry Day was first recognised on 26 May 1998, one year after the Bringing them Home report was tabled in parliament. It serves to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of the indigenous population and relates in particular to Stolen Generations survivors. 
  • The outcome of the 27 May 1967 referendum bought change to the Australian Constitution, with more than 90 per cent of Australian people voting to count Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the census. 
  • And lastly, 3 June commemorates the Mabo decision – the 1992 legal case where Eddie Mabo challenged the Australian legal system for the recognition of traditional owners land rights.

Together, these three dates in May represent National Reconciliation Week. During this week we reflect on our national identity and the place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and rights in our nation’s story.

In this context, here at IP Australia we continue our journey toward reconciliation through our Innovate – Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-2018 (the RAP). This important work helps to foster an inclusive working environment for all employees, promote input from indigenous people into IP Australia policy development, and contribute to international work protecting traditional knowledge and the rights of indigenous people. 

Some of the key features of IP Australia’s RAP include:

26 May 2017