We’re redesigning our website to create a better online experience that helps you quickly understand the intellectual property application process, make decisions easily and transact with us efficiently.

Our BETA website is a way for us to test new ideas and get you involved in our continuous development. With your help, we can change the website in all the right ways and deliver real improvements.

What do you think?

We want the redevelopment of our website to be collaborative, so please tell us what you think. We would particularly like feedback on:

  • ease of navigation
  • new structure of information
  • tone, language and style of the content
  • look and feel of the design.

We also welcome your ideas for further enhancements. So while you’re here, get involved and leave a comment:

Our BETA website is evolving every day, so please do not be alarmed if content is missing or parts of the design do not look quite right. We’ll keep working on it with you right up until we launch the final version.

Explore our BETA website.

23 February 2016