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Our new and improved website is just around the corner. Based on your feedback and needs, our BETA website has been evolving every day as we’ve trialled new ideas with you involved for its continuous development.

When will the new website be available?

We’re launching the final version of our new website on Friday 8 April 2016.

What’s changing?

New look and feel

To align the visual elements of our new website with our broader visual identity, we’ve used brighter, fresher colours and photography that helps connect you with each topic.

Improved content and tools

You told us you wanted less clutter, clearer content and more tools to help you understand the application process. We’ve created an online experience that helps you make decisions easily and transact with us efficiently.

Why are we making these changes?

Improvements informed by you

We’ve been conducting in-depth user research to identify and understand the challenges faced by our customers, both applicants and attorneys, in relation to the application and management of intellectual property (IP). This has helped us determine how to improve our information and communication.

Following on from our customer research that formed the basis of our BETA website, we conducted further research on how customers interacted with the new website design.

What you said:

  • the re-designed website is much more intuitive and helps users find content
  • the mega menu is being used as the default navigation tool
  • content is easier to understand using more human friendly speak
  • the application process path is seen as very helpful
  • applicants are able to efficiently complete navigation tasks
  • the design strongly delivers to all audiences including applicants, attorneys and first time visitors.

To help you on your IP journey you would like:

  • fine tuning of ‘calls to action’ and ‘labels’ to further improve discovery of content
  • content about commercialisation is important for all IP right user groups
    • there is a lack of understanding around commercialisation possibilities
    • there is interest in strategies on licensing and how to sell your IP
    • many customers are interested in learning more about franchising
    • none of the research respondents were aware of IP insurance
  • more information on how to protect IP internationally
  • updates on recent court case decisions and oppositions would be useful for attorneys.

What’s next?

Meet Alex

You may have already met Alex on She’ll be our virtual assistant, available to answer your general trade mark enquiries. You can ask her questions and she’ll provide you with the information you’re looking for.

Have your say

If you have any further feedback or suggestions you can add a comment below and let us know what you think.

1 April 2016