Each year we invite you to share your experience and satisfaction of our products and services to help influence what future work we do to. We’d like to thank you for participating in our 2017 customer satisfaction survey and giving us valuable insights that enable us to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of our customers.

We invited everyone who had submitted an application for a patent, trade mark, design or plant breeder’s right in the last 12 months including self-filers, attorneys and individuals who filed through an attorney.

The results have shown an overall customer satisfaction of our employees and services as very high. Like all good surveys though, we discovered areas we can improve on and will take on board your insights to make IP Australia better for you and Australia’s innovation industry.

The areas of highest satisfaction include:

  • satisfaction with staff courtesy (88%)
  • reliability of our website (86%)
  • responding in a timely manner (85%)
  • accuracy of information provided (84%).

The strongest drivers of overall satisfaction include:

  • the way we handle problems
  • satisfaction with final outcomes
  • how fairly you perceived you are treated
  • the reliability of our website
  • how accurate staff are in their findings.

We’re now busy turning your suggestions into improvements and have included a formal performance indictor in our Corporate Plan 2017-2021.

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13 October 2017