Shark Tank Episode 12 – liquorice allsorts

Shark Tank

Episode 12 gave us a mixed bag including a building solution who’s IP didn’t quite stack up and an alarming solution to over sleeping. It also showed a head lice prevention which left the sharks scratching their heads and a great way for kids to sink their teeth into cooking.

PentaBlock – great product but did it stack up

After building a great foundation for his pitch, Joel from PENTABLOCK quickly raised eyebrows when the sharks questioned his intellectual property. After some interesting Twitter chatter we’ve decided to address some of those questions (in a general sense) in a specific blog on the dangers of misinformation. This didn’t stop the self-confessed renovation loving Janine making a deal.

Bitzong - An alarming invention

Next into the tank was Benny with a different kind of wake up call. While some of the sharks wondered if an alarm clock which hit you to wake you was just a bad idea, Andrew rightly noted that something can have value just for being amusing. Timing really is everything. How much value that is might be considered when exploring an IP strategy, with some sharks offering the free advice to consider licensing instead of following through with producing, marketing and selling yourself.

Nit Ninjas – but did it have the sharks scratching for a good deal

The Nit Ninjas, Paul and Lisa, are a real ‘cottage industry’, making all their product at home and by hand. And while that didn’t seem to faze the sharks, instead of a deal they walked away with Andrew’s expert guidance.

Get Kids Cooking - serving up a tasty pitch

Last to pitch were Joanne and Holly, founders of Get Kids Cooking. Their system looking to get kids in engaged in in cooking went over well with the sharks. With the exception of that theme we’ve seen before, business valuation. As the only pitch this episode with a registered trade mark for both their logo and word mark, Dr Glen could feel a little more secure about his delicious deal.

We were also treated to an update on the success of the Charli Chair. We were lucky enough to catch up with the Charli Chair’s creators, Meray and Hani Yassa, who gave us their story and why they say invest wisely in your IP.

We’re already looking forward to next week’s episode. Catch you next Thursday at 8.40pm. 

1 July 2016