“Software is eating itself”, that was the theme of StartCon 2017.

StartCon is Australia’s largest start-up and growth conference, attracting companies and speakers from all around the world. As a key sponsor, we were there to support Australia’s start-up community and teach them about the value of IP. Throughout the weekend, we engaged with more than 200 people, helping to answer detailed questions about trade marks and patents.

We heard from speakers such as Roshni Mahtani, CEO and founder of Tickled Media as well as Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz who shared her three highs, three lows, and three don’t knows.

We also saw the 2nd Annual Australasian Startup Awards, with WipeHero taking out Startup of the year. WipeHero is an on-demand, waterless mobile car washing service started by a pair of Sydney PhD dropouts. While they admit that there are thousands of waterless products on the market, the difference is that theirs is biodegradable, making it good for both the car and the environment.

8 December 2017