In the first six months of 2016, we revamped and released a new website to the general public. Many changes were made to the content, design and structure of the site. These changes were based on research conducted in an effort to improve the ‘foot in the door’ to the agency.

Some of the research outcomes indicated a push for a larger range of tools and resources accessible from a single location; a one stop shop for advice to get going in the intellectual property (IP) space. Our research also suggested moving away from the ‘IP professionals’ landing page, as those knowledgeable in the IP space were already aware of our offerings.

Looks like we only got some of that right.

The feedback we have received from attorneys is that the IP professionals space is of value to them specifically and provides a simple launching pad to their frequently used tools. It provided a single location to get the vast majority of their work done without wading through content targeted to a different audience.

For our new users, our first iteration of the new tools and resources space didn’t really hit the mark. While easily accessible to some tools, specific pain points that come up for our applicants weren’t really a focus point or obvious to visitors to the site.

So we went back to the drawing board. After discussions within our team and reviewing user feedback, we’ve recently launched a new version of our tools and resources area. It encompasses content both for those new to IP along with content for our IP professionals.

It’s a single click away from any page on the site, and has its content grouped against either those new to IP or the IP professionals.

For those new to IP, helpful tools and content is upfront and grouped by the IP right, along with a more general ‘Understanding IP’ category:

As we add additional features to the site, this area will grow. So watch this space! We’re also looking at better integrating these tools in context to the rest of the site – a price calculator should be easily accessible from the time and costs page of the relevant IP right.

For the IP professionals, the popular links to tools have reappeared for convenience:

IP professionals can also bookmark the section - for even easier access to those frequently used tools.

10 August 2016