Photo of Jessica May, Dr Sheila Donnelly and Alyce Tran

For International Women’s day this year we thought we’d share some top IP tips from three top women in business.

  1. Jessica May, founder of Enabled Employment says: ‘Make sure your IP is the first thing you look at protecting. This includes understanding every person who has the rights to it and ensuring it is transferred or an agreement on IP sharing is struck. It will become your most valuable asset.’
  2. Alyce Tran, one of the founders of Australian fashion start up The Daily Edited says her business’ success is largely due to the IP strategy. Last year the business sold a 30 percent stake to OrotonGroup, and this was made possible because they had registered their core designs and trade marks. ‘An investor will want to make sure that you or your company owns all of its IP.’
  3. Dr Sheila Donnelly and her team at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) created a novel technology that gained a 1.25 million dollar investment. Her advice: ‘I would encourage all research academics to consider their commercialisation options and IP. Having IP protection… gives a stamp of approval to your idea and illustrates that your research is innovative.’

Are you a female researcher or entrepreneur with advice of your own that will help inspire others? Let us know your tips!

8 March 2018