Today we are hosting the 11th meeting of the Whole of Government SFIA Practitioners’ Forum. This is the third time we have hosted the forum at IP Australia.

So what is SFIA? It stands for ‘Skills Framework for the Information Age’. SFIA is a way of standardising the description of information and communications technology (ICT) skills. The SFIA framework helps employers identify the skills their current staff have, the skills they will require for future positions and it helps employees plan their career.

For more information on SFIA, you can watch the short video below:

An example of how we use the SFIA framework to define our ICT roles can be found in our ICT professional profiles.

In 2010, IP Australia and several other agencies (like the Australian Federal Police and Airservices Australia) began implementing the SFIA framework. As early adopters, we established the forum to help other government agencies by sharing our knowledge and experience with implementing the framework.

Today’s forum will be attended by human resource and ICT staff from a total of 13 government agencies. It is our hope that the knowledge we share will help all of us in future recruitment and workforce planning.

10 August 2016