What customers told us

Over the past 8 months I have had the great pleasure of leading a research program to gather feedback from you (our customers) that has given us the information we need to improve our website.

This research is helping us understand the challenges you face when you apply for and manage your IP. It also gives us lots of ideas about how we can create better information and tools on our website to help you through this process.

We received so much great feedback it is hard to limit the findings to a couple of key issues and opportunities, but I’ll do my best.

Top issues for trade mark applicants

  • Lack of a clear process creates anxiety and leads to phone calls or multiple visits to the website
  • Applying is time consuming and information heavy

What a customer told us:
‘It makes me anxious just thinking about it. Every time I visited I was overwhelmed with information. By the time I was ready to apply I had no idea what to expect. I actually did three trial goes before submitting my application. And that included two phone calls to get assistance.’

Top issues for patent applicants

  • It is difficult to find information quickly on the website
  • There is confusion around different IP types e.g. patents and designs
  • There is an interest in learning more about commercialisation, franchising and licensing

What a customer told us:
‘The application process is a bit of mystery, I found bits and pieces on the site, but it’s all lumped together so I wasn’t clear what was what. I worked most of it out by calling.’

Top issues for design applicants

  • Information overload on the website, but no clear process
  • Lack of ‘how to’s’ and visuals

What a customer told us:
‘Look I’m no expert in this, but I just didn’t easily find the information that might have meant I’d halted or changed my application completely, instead I applied and failed in my application.’

Top issues for plant breeder’s rights applicants

  • Confusion between trade marks and PBR
  • Lack of a clear upfront process
  • No obvious way to find qualified persons

What a customer told us:
‘Unlike patents, PBR feels more like an afterthought.’

There are common themes that came through from each of the four IP rights and we are working hard to make changes to our website as part of our current project.

We value your feedback, so please tell us how we are going in the areas that you have told us need to be improved. Please use the comments below to give us feedback on this beta website.

By Terri-Anne, IP Australia

19 February 2016