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Every April 26 we celebrate World Intellectual Property (IP) Day and the theme for 2016 is digital creativity: culture reimagined. With the continuous advancement of digital technology, our traditional consumable culture of film, TV, music, books, art and video games has expanded, becoming more accessible than ever.

The removal of physical constraints of national boundaries allows us to read, watch and listen to creative works wherever, whenever and however we want. So what does this mean for creators? Wi-Fi not only transforms how artworks are distributed and enjoyed, but also how they are created.

Sharing and remixing

When we discuss how IP systems can adapt to help ensure creators are properly paid for their work, the questions around sharing and remixing arise.

Does sharing and remixing kill innovation or does it foster further creativity?

It’s still creativity, but not as we know it. Creators reuse other works, not by simply re-creating them it but they’re reimagining its message.

Protecting ideas

Before making ideas public, it’s important for creators to consider their IP protection needs and decide on a strategy with the emerging cultures of digital creativity and cross-collaboration in mind. Are you happy for your idea to be reused through digital collaboration? If not, what strategy will you put in place to make sure you can legally enforce your IP rights if they do?

By Tessa, IP Australia

15 April 2016