We are looking for guest bloggers who want to share their intellectual property (IP) expertise and experiences. Specifically, we’re looking for people to write about how they’ve navigated the IP system, or those who have useful advice for small business owners and start-ups.

Types of posts we love
Your story:
Posts about your personal journey starting a business, filing for and using your IP.

Tactical / how-to posts:
Posts that are focused on practical tips that help businesses understand or use the IP system.

Strategy posts:
These posts help businesses to think about their IP strategy.

To give your contribution the best chance of being published, here are some general tips:

  • We welcome original content. If you’d like to contribute, please send us a fully written draft with a well-thought headline.
  • Length: there is no optimal post length, but if it’s too long you risk losing readers halfway through. In general, between 500 – 800 words is ideal.
  • Clarity: make sure your content is concise and clear.
  • Tone: our blog is conversational and informal. Posts can be written in first person.

When you’re published
We will send you the URL and encourage you to promote the post through your networks.

Please keep in mind:
We reserve the right to make edits to your article, and to reject posts that do not meet our quality standards. Submission does not guarantee publication.

Ready to go?
Give us some detail about yourself and what you want to write about, or even send us a draft. If you’d just like to have an informal discussion first, all of our contact details can be found below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Email us at communication@ipaustralia.gov.au.

7 June 2017