Published: 18 April 2016

In his report on the activities of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) Research Section, inventor William H G Geake noted that it was not until 1916 that World War I (WWI) was deemed an ‘Engineer’s war’.

Published: 18 April 2016

For those on the home front, the tales of life in the trenches were a grim reminder of a global conflict - a war which became known as the Great War. Contained in the pages of the Register of Designs from 1914-1918 is a vibrant patchwork of designs which tell a tale of this time, from quirky children's toys, to patriotic badges and buttons, medallions of hope for peace and tokens of remembrance.

Team working on computer
Published: 1 April 2016

Our new and improved website is just around the corner. We’re launching the final version of our new website on Friday 8 April 2016.

Published: 23 February 2016

We’re redesigning our website to create a better online experience that helps you quickly understand the intellectual property application process, make decisions easily and transact with us efficiently.

Published: 29 January 2016

Working on the web project is really exciting for a number of reasons, but the main one for us is the thought process behind web design and how the visual elements of our new website link with our broader visual identity.