Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 11:00 to 12:45

Engaging an attorney: what you need to know

The patent process from application to grant can often be an uncertain and daunting journey. For first time applicants engaging an attorney can greatly increase the chances of success. IP Australia has developed a guide in consultation with the attorney profession on the basics to get you started, your first tasks and how to engage an IP attorney for your project.


Here’s what you can expect

The workshop aims to demystify some common misconceptions about the patent system, and provide some practical information on how to maximise your relationship with your attorney. We will also cover how to self-audit your IP and conduct your own patent searches to best prepare for the first meeting with your IP attorney.


What you will learn at this workshop

  • The basics of IP – overview of Registered IP – Patents, Trade Marks and Designs
  • Tips on self-assessing if patenting is the right option
  • An insight into what to expect from your first meeting with your attorney and how to prepare
  • LIVE search demonstration on free patent search engines and search techniques

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There will be an opportunity for networking and refreshments after the presentation.

Fishburners Level 2, 11-31 York Street SYDNEY, NSW 2000