3 February 2017

We’re launching our new Australian Trade Mark Search tool this Friday 10 February at Pause Fest 2017, an event for creative, tech and business to immerse in new ideas and fresh tech.

Australian Trade Mark Search replaces the current search system (ATMOSS) and is a simpler and better way for you to check if your proposed trade mark is available to safeguard your business.

The new system extends our service for Australian businesses to more easily self-service your trade mark protection. By searching trade marks quickly and efficiently you can make informed decisions about your business.

We’re introducing image recognition and machine learning technology that detects objects within an image and makes instantaneous comparisons across Australia’s entire trade mark database. It also features advanced options including a real time search counter and the ability to text search across a range of goods and services.

Using Australian Trade Mark Search

Each year at IP Australia, we receive over 60 000 trade mark applications from businesses and individuals to secure their brand. But many make the mistake of applying for a trade mark that is already registered, just from simply not knowing. Our free and comprehensive search system will help you find out:

  • whether the name or logo you want to trade mark is already in use
  • if your new product name or logo can be protected by trade mark registration
  • similar trade marks in the market that may conflict with yours
  • whether or not the use of your new product name or logo will infringe on another person's rights.

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