18 September 2015

During September we will be implementing changes to our website in response to our trade mark self-filer research that we conducted earlier this year.

What’s new?

  • information has been re-structured so it’s easier for you find what information you’re looking for  
  • landing page for trade marks has been customised for self-filers and people wanting to maintain their trade mark 
  • videos are now easier to find in one convenient location  
  • fee calculator so self-filers can understand different fees associated with the different types of trade mark applications
  • printable checklist to help you through the application process 
  • an infographic to show you the steps involved in applying for a trade mark and the difference between a standard trade mark and TM Headstart application.

There’s more to come!

We are in the process of updating our trade mark class selection tool. This tool will provide a graphic that shows you which classes might be relevant for you based on three different small business scenarios (pizza shop, online retailer of baby clothing and a tradesman).

Based on your feedback, we’ll also redesign the landing page and homepage for our online transactions and services portal to improve customer experiences.

These changes reflect our commitment to making informed improvements to our online services.

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