15 June 2015

We have successfully implemented outbound correspondence to deliver patent correspondence electronically to our customers. This presents an excellent opportunity to extend outbound correspondence capability to electronic patent certificates for our customers.

How will this assist you?

  • fast and immediate access to the electronic version of your patent certificates from our eDossier facility
  • offers customers the flexibility to print and store certificates as desired
  • avoids issues around loss or damage of certificates sent via post.

What is going to change?

  • if you are an electronic channel customer, you will receive patent certificates electronically
  • if you are a non-electronic channel customer, you will receive a printed copy of your certificates on plain paper
  • the Commissioner’s name and signature will no longer appear on the certificates.

Authenticity of certificates

The Australian Patents Register will continue to authenticate the validity of your IP Right. A note will appear in the footer of the certificate to specify this authenticity of certificates.

Will there be a fee charged for this service?

There is no fee associated with the issuing of electronic certificates.

When will this happen?

We anticipate the electronic certificates for Patents to be implemented in late July 2015.

Did you know?

You can order commemorative certificates for your IP Rights. You can place an order for a commemorative version of your IP Right certificate.