9 May 2017

As the government agency responsible for intellectual property (IP) our role is to support Australian’s drive ideas that will create business growth, local jobs and global success. Whether this is through the use of the IP system which we deliver or education of alternative strategies, we aim support you to make informed decisions that will facilitate business collaboration and benefit the country as whole.

To inform us on how to engage and influence start-ups and small business, we completed research in April 2016. This research identified knowledge and resource gaps around commercialisation and that the lack of commercial understanding is hindering business growth. Many businesses haven’t worked out how to monetise their idea, in particular they require more information on franchising and licensing, how it would work for them and how it works internationally.

To help you turn your IP into a product or service that will generate money for the economy we’ve developed a suite of online content that takes start-ups and small businesses in their early stages through the commercialisation steps they should consider.

Steps to consider in a commercialisation journey

Start considering the steps for your commercialisation journey.

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