31 August 2017

IP Australia’s core purpose over the next four years is to ensure all Australians benefit from the great ideas that pass through our intellectual property (IP) system.

Our new Corporate Plan includes strategy initiatives that aim to improve services for customers, such as:

  • Deliver reliable, integrated systems and anywhere, anytime access in alignment with our ICT Strategy
  • Foster collaboration and build capability, especially in the Asian region
  • Improve support for customers seeking to engage in international markets
  • Fix, modernise and transform our ICT systems to maximise business effectiveness
  • Provide effective trans-Tasman attorney registration
  • Improve IP Australia’s approach to the management and governance of data
  • Implement the Government’s policy agenda flowing from the Productivity Commission’s review into the IP system

We aim to perform these initiatives by working towards three strategic objectives: operational excellence, service excellence, and value add. These objectives will be measured against three key performance criteria: deliver improved IP rights administration and professional registration, increase awareness of the IP system, and shape the IP system domestically and internationally to serve Australian innovation and business.

Our Director General, Patricia Kelly, is the Accountable Authority of IP Australia who is responsible for the Corporate Plan for the organisation under section 35(1)(b) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

The full Corporate Plan is available online.