eServices payment gateway

11 August 2015

9:30am 12 August 2015 (AEST) UPDATE - eServices is now online

IP Australia has now switched on the eServices portal.

Our technical teams will monitor the performance of eServices and the National Australia Bank (NAB) payment gateway closely during this period.

If the stability of the payment gateway degrades, we will revert back to the Alternate Lodgement System (ALS).

We strongly recommend using the 'save as draft' option in eServices during this period. We would also encourage customers to make use of the cart functionality within eServices to minimise payment traffic through the gateway.

We will continue to support our customers throughout this period.

If you experience any issues when submitting through eServices, please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 651 010.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank our customers for their ongoing patience.

5:10pm 11 August 2015 (AEST) UPDATE

Our e-commerce provider National Australia Bank (NAB) has been experiencing technical issuesaffecting the ability of eServices to process payments.

NAB recognises the impact this is having on customers and apologises for the inconvenience and is working to resolve these ongoing issues as soon as possible.

For urgent submissions that require payment we have invoked our Alternate Lodgement System (ALS). Alternatively, urgent submissions can be faxed via our Emergency Fax Service (EFS) on 02 6285 4731. A completed payment form MUST be attached with your ALS or EFS submission where payment is a requirement.

It’s important to note that some IP right service requests require payment upon submission. These service requests include National Phase entry (Patents), IP right renewals and Trade Mark Headstart applications.

At this stage, NAB are unable to provide an estimated timeframe for resolution. Our teams are in constant contact with NAB and we will notify customers via the IP Australia website as soon as further information is available.

We are committed to providing flexibility in light of this significant system issue to all of our customers. All submissions received via the ALS or EFS during this period will be deemed submitted by eServices and will attract applicable reduced fees.

The eServices correspondence facility will not be available whilst the ALS platform is active.

For more information or any assistance please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 65 10 10.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this issue has caused.