22 September 2017

IP Australia’s virtual assistant, ‘Alex’, has been recognised at the 4th Annual Intelligent Assistant Awards in San Francisco. The two other winners recognised alongside Alex were ‘Ask FedEx’ and ‘TD Ameritrade Ted’.

In 2013, only 12% of IP Australia’s 800,000 annual customer interactions utilised digital channels. This has grown to its current level of over 99% digital adoption. Launched in May 2016 and developed by Datacom and Nuance, Alex has now supported over 50,000 customer interactions.

“This renowned international award reflects IP Australia’s commitment to digital transformation that is designed to provide customers with access to our services on a 24/7 basis," says Rob Bollard, General Manager, RiO Program & Business Futures.

"The number and quality of award submissions reflects the growing importance of virtual assistants to global companies focussed on improving customer service delivery. With our established and committed partners Datacom and Nuance, IP Australia is pioneering the Australian Government’s digital agenda for all citizens and businesses.”

To find out more, read Datacom’s press release.