25 August 2017

The Australian Government has published its response to the Productivity Commission’s final report on Australia’s Intellectual Property (IP) Arrangements. The response and media release are available here.

The Government’s response includes changes to legislation governing the patents, trade marks and plant breeder’s rights systems. IP Australia plans to:

  1. Consult further on the implementation approach for a number of matters including inventive step reforms, introducing an objects clause for the Patents Act 1990, and a number of issues raised by the Productivity Commission in its 2013 review of compulsory licensing, as highlighted in the Government’s response to the 2016 inquiry. Consultation is now underway and the papers are available here.
  2. Consultation is now underway on the phasing out of the innovation patent system, the plant breeder’s rights recommendation and most trade mark recommendations.

Further information will be provided in due course.