GovHack 2015 - promoting awareness of the IP system

10 July 2015

GovHack is an annual competition that brings together geeks, digital creatives, data analysts, story tellers, entrepreneurs and civic society enthusiasts to work together in teams over 46 hours to explore, mash up, ideate and communicate your concepts using open Government data.

GovHack, which this year ran from 3 to 5 July, celebrates your technical and creative capacity, opens the door to collaboration with governments, and has helped to advance the cause of open data to drive social and economic value.

This year IP Australia was a National Agency Supporter for the first time. We asked the GovHackers to develop an easy way for non-experts to access and use the IP Government Open Data to find out where, who and what Intellectual Property (IP) exists in Australia?

Each event is locally organised. Representatives from IP Australia attended the event and walked around the venue talking to the hackers, asking them what they were doing and seeing if they could integrate IP data in some way. For example, the Tell-Tale Hearts integrated IP data into showing Australia’s Economic Heartbeat.

IP data was not the only data on hand and there were lots of great projects from around Australia using all sorts of data. For example two high school students that were taking part in the event. They used City of Melbourne Data to create new-era Hobo signs.

Another interesting project from Canberra was Minecraft Your City, using data from Geoscience Australia and CSIRO to create a fully playable Minecraft world of Canberra.

Here are some of the other projects that made use of IP data over the weekend:

We will be judging the IP Australia prize soon and the winners will be announced at the GovHack Red Carpet Awards in September.