Have your say on our fee structure

31 July 2015

Why are we doing this?

The purpose of our fee review is to assess our cost recovery arrangements in accordance with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines 2014, and to ensure that we are setting fees that are consistent, transparent and cover the costs associated with administering the intellectual property (IP) rights system.

Further objectives of the 2015/16 fee review are to:

  • maximise innovation in Australia through a fee structure that promotes the economic value of IP rights
  • explore options to simplify and streamline IP Australia’s current fee structure by:
    • evaluating the purpose of specific fees, and their future validity
    • simplifying fee schedules with a view to reducing the administrative burden on customers while achieving improvements in operational efficiency within IP Australia
    • reducing the ambiguity and uncertainty customers may experience with deciphering fee descriptions listed in the regulations
    • increasing fee consistency across IP product lines.
  • ensure fees remain internationally competitive, and explore options to harmonise our fee structure with other IP offices globally
  • maintain the financial sustainability of IP Australia, with a focus to delivering cost effective IP products and services.

As part of this fee review, we welcome any ideas or suggestions that you may have on our current fee structures, and where improvements could be made.

Please send your feedback to us by 4 September 2015 to: feereview@ipaustralia.gov.au, or by mail to: Fee Review, IP Australia, PO Box 200 Woden ACT 2606.

Following our review, a draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) will be made available around December 2015 for further feedback. It is anticipated that any proposed fee changes would take effect during the 2016-17 financial year.