Source IP
21 September 2016

We’ve recently made improvements to Source IP, our free digital marketplace which helps researchers and businesses connect.  

As well as an updated look, improvements to the website include:

  • the addition of medical research institutes and cooperative research centres to our research organisations;
  • an expanded dataset which now includes all the internationally filed patent applications held by Australian research organisations;
  • the inclusion of a data visualisation for the entire Source IP landscape which graphically links organisations to their patent holdings;
  • the inclusion of data visualisation on patent listings depicting closely related patents;
  • the introduction of a new user ‘pathway’ on the landing page to help direct business users based on their requirement to find specific technology or to identify experts for collaboration opportunities; and
  • the inclusion of world maps on patent listings to help businesses identify potentially protected markets.

We’re also working with a number of overseas sites, including major UK patent marketplace Intellectual Property Exchange, and the Danish Patent and Trademark Office IP Marketplace, to promote patents listed on Source IP internationally.