7 January 2015

In Food Australia's latest article Protecting agricultural and food technology innovation, Dr John Hughes says that the demand for Australia's produce is rapidly increasing and consequently, so too, are the opportunities for commercial development across the supply chain.

This demand is set to cause a phase of rapid translational agricultural development into agribusiness. This transition to agritech innovation provides unparalleled opportunity to capitalise on a rapidly growing market. It is, however, crucial for the intellectual property behind these innovations to be protected to ensure the success of the industry in the future. 

There are multiple intellectual property rights that can help ensure Australia's agricultural innovation is protected including patentsplant breeder's rightsdesigns and trade marks. We have included helpful information on what each of these rights are, how to determine which of these is right for you and how to apply, here on our website.

In 2014 we released The Australian food industry: a patent analytics report that analyses food inventions originating from Australia. Identifying patent activity, technological specialisation, and collaboration can help to illustrate the innovation landscape. The report uses patent analysis to assess the scope, quality and impact of innovative activity within the food sector.