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18 March 2016

Later this month, we are implementing changes that will impact our design customers. This includes moving to a single number for designs, removal of the PDF Journal for Designs, and amendments to the Australian Designs Database Searching.

One number for designs

As part of our intention to harmonise our IP right processes, from Tuesday 29 March 2016, designs will be allocated with one design number only; they will no longer be issued with a registration number. Designs registered prior to this date will still be searchable and have both numbers attributed to their designs registration/application.

Removal of designs PDF journal

From Tuesday 29 March 2016, we will no longer be publishing the Designs Journal as a PDF on our website. This change aligns with our commitment to invest in our electronic channels and improve the timeliness of making publication information available for our customers. You will still be able to search design publications on the Electronic Journal for Designs.

To assist with this transition, we have developed an

so you have the necessary information to effectively use this search capability.

Frequency of publication

The Electronic Journal for Designs will now become the single source of truth for designs publications and will be updated fortnightly (as is current practice).

Changes to the Electronic Journal for Designs

From Tuesday 29 March 2016, we will no longer be publishing advertisements of designs that have been renewed (currently published under ‘Extensions of Period of Registration’). Customers who renew their designs will still receive a notice of renewal and the In Force date will be updated in the Australian Designs Database Searching (ADDS).

Changes to Australian Designs Database Searching (ADDS)

Post registration amendment notices

Complete details of these changes will no longer be displayed in ADDS (there is no legislative requirement to publish complete details). Instead, ADDS will display ‘A proposed change to the statement of newness and distinctiveness was published in the Journal on date XX’.

You will still be able to access complete information regarding the amendments in the Electronic Journal for Designs.

Extension of time notices

Minimal but key information regarding extensions of time will continue to be displayed in ADDS. Complete details of the extension of time will be published in the Electronic Journal for Designs.