5 January 2017

In line with patents, trade marks and designs, we are on track to implement our new look electronic correspondence for plant breeder’s rights (PBR).

Following on from the successful release of our redesigned trade mark and patent correspondence, we will also release the new-look PBR correspondence to enhance user experience and provide clear, succinct information to our customers as a part of this implementation. See below for samples of the new PBR correspondence.

This implementation will mean that you will have the ability to receive all PBR correspondence, including the Certificate of Grant for Plant Breeder’s Rights via our electronic outbound correspondence facility. 

From Thursday 2 February 2017, we will update the user accounts for all new correspondence received via eServices and the sender will be responded to electronically. Customers who wish to opt in to the service prior to their next submission being lodged can do so by providing their eServices username via a written request using our online form.

Things to be aware of

Existing customers who have not filed using eServices or B2B will continue to receive paper correspondence mailed to their nominated address as per the current process. Note that Certificates of Grant will be sent on standard A4 paper post implementation of electronic correspondence.


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