10 May 2016

Our vision is to make intellectual property (IP) systems both in Australia and overseas more robust and to harmonise the criteria for what is registerable IP across the world. High quality IP examination world-wide aligned to internationally agreed standards would be a significant advantage for Australian businesses.

To reach these goals, we’re committed to improving the quality of patent examination and we believe this begins with the quality of training patent examiners receive.

Working as a patent examiner

Patent examiners are responsible for assessing the latest technological innovations to decide eligibility for patent protection. This job requires specialist technical knowledge as well as in-depth understanding of patent law. It involves analytical and critical thinking and the ability to make sound decisions on complex issues.

Award winning training opportunities

We’re proud to announce that our Self-paced Training for Examiner of Patents (STEP) program, along with Sprout Labs our e-learning partner, has won the Platinum Award for Best Bespoke Blended Learning Model at LearnX 2016. This award demonstrates our commitment to providing best practice training to support its examiners.

In reviewing our training of patent examiners, we wanted an innovative, flexible and best practice training program both to ensure the best outcomes for our staff but also to demonstrate to our regional trading partners that we take the quality of our patent examiners and their training seriously.

The STEP program delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end, integrated, flexible training program that can be delivered locally or remotely. It allows for tailored, self-paced development, progressive assessment and recognition of prior learning encouraging patent examiners to reach competency in the shortest timeframe possible. It also fosters a workplace culture of coaching and development to support trainees.

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