8 August 2016

Valuing your intellectual property (IP), protecting your creative business from copycats and what makes an investor friendly start-up are just some of the topics covered in the latest issue of our magazine, IP – your business edge.

The third issue of IP – your business edge features information, ideas and tips on IP and its role in protecting and growing your business.

IP often comprises a business’s most important assets. It covers a range of different rights including trade marks, patents, copyright, registered designs and plant breeder’s rights. Each type of IP protects a business in a different way depending on the products, services, designs, inventions or knowledge it contains.

It’s essential to understand how each type of IP works so you can make sure you protect your business.

As well as exploring the basics of IP and how it relates to a business, this issue of IP – your business edge looks at the goods and services covered in your trade mark application and the ins and outs of alternative dispute resolution. You’ll find information on some of the Government grants and assistance programs available to help Australian businesses. We also take a look into the transformation of the wheat industry.

IP – your business edge is available to read online or download, or email and request a print copy.

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