19 May 2016

Alex your Virtual Assistant is here! Alex is our expert in training and appears at the bottom right hand corner of the trade mark sections of our website ready to answer your general trade mark questions in real time and in plain English.

Alex can answer questions like How do I search for a trade mark? or How much does it cost to apply for a trade mark? There’s no need to worry about how you ask your question, Alex knows the same question can be asked in different ways. Alex will give you an answer or ask you for more information if needed.

Alex has been developed as a result of feedback we got from you and as part of our plan to continuously improve our online content. You told us a Virtual Assistant would be something you would use and we are happy to say we have listened. Alex gives you another way you can access trade mark information, tools and resources. We have plans for Alex to be able to answer questions about all four IP rights, (patents, trade marks, designs, plant breeder’s rights) we look after.

During the first four weeks Alex will be in training and like all trainees will need some time to learn. Behind the scenes Alex will be continually monitored, reviewed and improved. Alex will learn from conversations with you so thank you for assisting in training your Virtual Assistant.