3 May 2018

We’re migrating our older electronic patent records in our backend systems as part of an ongoing program of work to modernise and transform service delivery for the benefit of customers and staff.

Some of our online systems (including AusPat and eServices) will be unavailable for an extended period over the migration, from 3pm Friday 11 May to 8pm Sunday 13 May 2018 (AEST).

After the migration, how you search AusPat will remain the same, however there will be a few differences to what you might see. The primary change is to provisional numbers. Following the migration, alphabetical characters in provisional numbers will be replaced with a single 9 and padded to create a 10 digit number. For example, 2002PS3391 will be reflected as 2002903391.  

The current Official Journal for Patents will be replaced by the current Supplement. Information about the changes will be published in the Journal following the migration.

If you require any further information please email