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16 September 2015

Mrs. Andrews was joined by our Director General and the event host, Patricia Kelly and guest speakersIan Reilly, founder of precision livestock company Agersens, and Renee Hindmarsh, the Executive Director of the Australian Technology Network. They spoke about how these tools will help identify innovation success factors and remove barriers that hinder collaborative activities between researchers and business.

Here's how these new tools can help you:

New online innovation map

The National Innovation Map is an interactive tool that shows the location of innovative activities, business creation, and research organisations Australia-wide.

The Innovation Map brings together a range of data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, IP Australia and the Department of Industry and Science and has research and development (R&D) expenditure, patent and trade mark data.

The map illustrates that collaboration between researchers and business is a key contributor to successful innovation hot spots!

Take a look at the interactive National Innovation Map which is available on the Department of Industry and Science website.

New IP Toolkit for business and researchers

Improving innovation activity is a national priority. Despite a relatively strong overall research performance, Australia has a very low level of collaboration between the research sector and business compared to other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.

The difficulty in establishing and managing intellectual property (IP) arrangements around collaborations has been identified as a key barrier to improving this performance.

That's why we developed the IP Toolkit for Collaboration together with the Department of Industry and Science, to provide the tools necessary to simplify and improve discussions and negotiations around the management of IP in research and business collaborations.

The toolkit aims to improve the way business and researchers work together, by providing:

  • transparent contracts, confidentiality agreements and term sheets that can be used as a neutral starting point for research collaboration
  • key information, such as tips and case studies, in a user-friendly format
  • guides to key issues when developing partnerships and advice on the management of IP
  • checklists of the key issues that need to be considered. 

The IP Toolkit aims to bring together research and business to allow for better translation of ideas into real goods and services, technologies and life improvements.

The toolkit is available online at

The launch of both of these new tools is the culmination of a considerable amount of work by the Department of Industry and Science, IP Australia and other stakeholders.

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