15 May 2018

Our flagship open data resource, the Intellectual Property Government Open Data (IPGOD), has just had its 2018 update. IPGOD already includes over 100 years of highly detailed intellectual property (IP) rights data, and it now has a number of improvements to make it even more useful.

As part of continuously improving IPGOD, we have implemented machine learning algorithms to produce this year’s tables. Machine learning allows us to match IP rights to IP right holders with increased accuracy.

As part of validating this new matching process, we will be releasing IPGOD in two stages this year. The first stage, released today, includes all of the tables previously seen in IPGOD, while the second stage will be released in early July with more information to come on our IP applicants and agents.

We hope that end users continue to contribute to our IPGOD data product and share knowledge on data issues. IPGOD is an open data product that has been shaped by public feedback and we welcome your contributions to guide future improvements.

We’re excited by the changes and improvements to IPGOD, and are continually looking for new ways to add value to the product and improve the end user’s experience.