20 July 2016

We’ve been listening to your feedback and are working with you to develop the next generation of intellectual property rights search systems. We’re putting user needs at the heart of the development and taking into account the needs of search professionals and those exploring intellectual property for the first time.

Our aim is to develop the world’s best search systems to make it easier for you to find the information you’re looking for. The cutting-edge technology will not only improve searching efficiency and accuracy, but support the innovation industry by providing better access to intellectual property data as well.

Starting with trade marks

We’re starting with the trade marks search system. With your guidance we’ll look to keep the aspects of the current trade marks search system that work well, improve features that make sense to change and build on that foundation to make even more information available. In addition to providing the new search systems, we will also make as many documents publicly available as we are legally able through our new e-dossier system.

Simpler, clearer, faster

We want to deliver a system that is simpler, clearer and faster for all users. To do this we’ve already started engaging search professionals to develop our understanding of user needs. Next we’ll look to people who are new to the trade mark business domain as we continue our user-centred approach to the system design. This approach is in-line with the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard.

Partnering with TrademarkVision

We’ve engaged TrademarkVision to build the new search systems. TrademarkVision is an award-winning Australian company that focuses on research and development in brand protection.

Together, we’ve already developed and rolled out a new state-of-the-art trade marks search system for our experts in trade marks searching, our trade mark examiners. The system has been very well received with quite a lot of positive feedback. Now we’re turning to development of the external system.

Get involved

You can be involved in the development of the new trade marks search system. If you would like to subscribe to receive notifications and updates please sign up and we will keep you informed.