Shark Tank wrap up 14 – Kakadu Tiny Tots Trade Mark

1 June 2015

Last night’s episode of Shark Tank profiled Kylie-Lee Bradford’s Piccaninny Tiny Tots (now Kakadu Tiny Tots). The business specialises in infant’s clothing and also has a range of organic soaps for different types of skin conditions.

Kylie-Lee’s clothing is colourful and bright, but also comes with a story relating to its Aboriginal origins. The designer baby wear includes the image of the Kakadu Fresh Water Turtle (Almunngie) - a delicacy eaten all year around by the Ngombur and Murrunburr people.

Steve Baxter questioned the reference to ‘Piccaninny’ and whether this could be offensive to some members of the community.

At the time of recoding the TV show, Kylie-Lee had not applied to register her trade mark. That didn’t stop her from attracting a modest investment from the Sharks. However,she has since changed her brand name to Kakadu Tiny Tots and submitted a trade mark application.

Ideally, business owners should exercise due diligence before they invest too much in building a brand. A TM Headstart application will give you a rough idea if your trade mark is registrable and costs around the same price as calling a plumber. The service is confidential. Within five working days of lodging your application an examiner will contact you to explain any barriers that might prevent your mark from being registered. If you decide to proceed with a standard application, then your mark will be published.

apply before you publish or disclose your design

IP Australia’s Dream Shield booklet and videos are a great resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to learn more about protecting their intellectual property.