Start-up to stock market event wrap-up - driving an IP strategy to drive success.

2 July 2015

On 18 June we hosted the 13th IP Forum at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney. The Forum was themed around Start-up to stock market - driving an IP strategy to drive success.

This event explored some of the factors that can contribute to a successful start-up business. - from getting the right advice at the right time, to establishing a strategic IP position, to the funding and assistance that can facilitate opportunities for business growth.

It goes without saying that today’s start-ups will be the entrepreneurial, knowledge-based innovators that drive our future economy. They will launch companies, they will build businesses, and they will provide jobs.

This entrepreneurial process is usually dependent upon strong intellectual property protection. Without this, entrepreneurs, innovators and investors may be less likely to undertake the risks involved with creating and bringing a new or improved product or service to the marketplace.

It is with this in mind that we brought together three prominent speakers to the Forum, to share their insights into some of the building blocks of a successful start-up.

Presenters on the day included:

  • Doron Ben-Meir, Executive Director, Research, Innovation and Commercialisation, University of Melbourne - who spoke about his experience in supporting Australian start-ups through grants and advisory programs, and the commercialisation process more broadly. 
  • Hamish Hawthorn, CEO, ATP Innovations - explored the role that business advisors play in helping transform start-up businesses into high value companies. 
  • Ashley Newland, Managing Director, Calibre8 and the creator of the Scrubba Wash Bag - who discussed the importance of establishing a strategic IP position at the early phase of a start-up, and the immense value of this in securing funding and entering global markets.

Short interviews with each speaker can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

At the end of the Forum, we hosted two workshops.. The first workshop was Trade Marks for Start-ups, which had a particular focus on how the system can be used to protect brands. The second workshop looked at grants and assistance on offer from the Australian Government that can support your start-up, such as R&D Tax Incentive, Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Program and Single Business Service.