21 October 2015

So that business maximise the benefit of their innovative concepts, ideas and designs, it’s vital to understand the best way to protect and manage your IP assets.

The effective management of IP can benefit business in a number of ways, assisting them to build wealth and grow through commercialisation opportunities, develop a strong brand and business reputation and minimise their risk of copycats.

The Business Briefing: Maximising the potential of Intellectual Property for your business is a useful resource for Chartered Accountants and other professionals in their role of supporting and providing advice about the IP system to assist business and individuals to make informed decisions about their IP assets.

The guidance and tips provided in this document are intended to help businesses, especially small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), to effectively use IP in their business.

The guide provides information you need on:

  • identifying and managing your IP
  • commercialisation of IP 
  • financial aspects of IP 
  • the impact of social media.

Development of this publication highlights the collaborative partnership we have with IPONZ as we continue to work together to provide coordinated approaches to IP management across both jurisdictions.

This work is consistent with IP Australia’s strategic priorities for 2015-18 to collaborate internationally to add value to the IP system, which is supported through fostering partnerships, sharing experiences and delivering activities of strategic value in the region.

You can check out the publication online now.

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