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22 November 2018

“Is my idea worth patenting overseas?”

We hear this question all too often, and we know that international patent protection can be an expensive and complex process.

To help those considering international patent protection develop their IP strategy, we’ll be providing a free Patent Landscape Report with every international type search (ITS).

This landscape report trial aims to provide Australian applicants with invaluable information to complement the results of their international type search report.

How can a Patent Landscape Report influence business or research decisions?

The landscape report provides an overview of patent filings over time and a list of the top applicants in your specific area of technology. You will also receive geographic information, such as where other applicants are located and where their patents are being filed. This information, paired with the results from the international type search, can help you decide on your international patent protection.

The information in the landscape report is provided for general information purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.

Can I ask for more detail than what’s already included?

The landscape report is designed to provide a broad overview only. Our Patent Analytics Hub can provide comprehensive analytics services for universities and publicly-funded researchers on request. Alternatively, a registered patent attorney can direct you to commercial patent analytics service providers who will be able to assist if you require a more in-depth analysis.

How much will it cost?

During this trial, a landscape report will be included free of charge with international-type search reports with requests filed from 1 December 2018. Sometimes we will not be able to prepare a landscape report for technical reasons, and we will explain this in writing.

Provide your feedback

The free landscape reports, which have been developed in consultation with applicants and IP professionals, were initially trialled to 30 June 2019, and will continue to 31 October 2019 while the service is evaluated. Initial feedback shows IP professionals recognise the value of this service, which will run until the evaluation is completed, and future options implemented. Your feedback will help us decide on the future of the service, and improvements to increase its value.

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact our in-house data experts in the Patent Analytics Hub.