31 October 2017

In January 2016 we started a project to refine and re-design our customer correspondence across all intellectual property rights to provide our customers with clearer, more succinct, more consistent information.

Now, as an extension to this work, we have reviewed our certificates for patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights with a view to provide consistency across all four product lines.

This will mean some slight changes to the way information is presented on the certificates. Customers can expect to receive the new look certificates from 8 December 2017.

What’s changing?

Based on customer feedback received, several changes have been incorporated into the certificates. These changes include the IP Right number being displayed on all pages of the certificate, development of a consistent template layout, font and font size of the certificates and changes to signature blocks.

In addition, key changes for trade mark and design certificates include:

Trademarks - Certificate of Registration:

  • Removal of Registrar’s name and signature on trade mark certificates
  • Representations of the series trade mark to be included on page two of the certificate.

Designs - Certificate of Registration:

  • Inclusion of a statement to highlight that the design right cannot be enforced unless it has been examined and a Certificate of Examination issued
  • Inclusion of a relevant extract from the Designs Act 2003 to ensure that there is clarity around when rights can be claimed.

Designs - Certificate of Examination:

  • Inclusion of names and address of owner(s), names of designer(s), signatory details and the product to which the design relates to.

Sample certificates 


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