31 August 2017

IP Australia is making a few changes to eServices in order to improve your customer experience.

We will simplify the designs and trade marks navigation by moving higher volume forms from “General eServices request” to a more prominent position under “General Designs Services”. You will be able to navigate through eServices and manage your IP rights portfolio with greater ease.



After selecting “Respond to Formalities Notice” or “Update Design Names/Address”, you will be taken to a screen with more simplified options, which will help you choose the correct form.



We will replace existing PDF forms with web-based forms. These enhancements will allow for pre-emptive text so there will be no need to manually enter your details.

We will also remove the ability to attach static forms. Instead, your information will pre-populate, leading to greater information consistency, improved data quality, and faster response times.

We will begin with the higher volume designs service requests before moving to the remaining IP rights. The new designs forms will be available by 6 November 2017, with trade marks forms to be delivered in early 2018.

The following designs forms will be amended:

  • Request for Amendment - Owner Name and/ or Address
  • Request for Amendment – Address for Service 
  • Request for Amendment (other than Name/ Address/Address for Service)
  • Request to Amend Ownership – Assignment
  • Respond to Formalities

The proposed changes will have no impact on current B2B services, however B2B services will be reviewed in the future as part of IP Australia’s Digital Transformation Strategy. Further information on B2B changes will be made available in due course.

If you have any queries regarding the above mentioned system enhancements, please email